Spinal Immobilisation & Fracture Management

Course Objective:
On completion of this course candidates will have acquired the skills and knowledge to provide basic pre-hospital emergency care to victims of suspected Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for persons who provide First Aid treatment to individuals who are at an increased risk of sustaining a SCI i.e. persons providing Medical cover for contact sports, Occupational Health Nurses, Lifeguards, ERT Members, Rescue Services Etc. Many persons providing this cover are unsure of how to deal with such life threatening injuries and so we have developed this intensive course.

Ideally candidates will be RGNs, Physios, Physical Therapists and Occupational First Aiders
A comprehensive skills and cognitive review of each lesson will be carried out

Scene size up
History/Mechanism of Injury
Patient assessment/ CSM's
Application of SAM splints
Application of Fracture Immobilisers
Application of Vacuum Splints
Open Fractures
Spinal rule out
Head injuries and the MOI
Airway Management
Application of a cervical collar
Rapid Trauma assessment
Transport decisions
Anatomy and physiology
Kendrick Extraction Device (optional)
Spinal Long Board
Vacuum Mattress (optional)
Orthopaedic Scoop Stretcher
Strapping devices
Standing Take Down's
Staged incidents
Review of skills
Additional Modules
Aquatic Spinal Immobilization, Paediatric Spinal Immobilization, Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy
8 hours
The Instructor on this course will be a qualified, experienced Paramedic
Certificate of Completion will be awarded.
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Spinal Immobilisation
Fracture Management