Manual Handling

Under the Health & Safety Authorities General applications regulations 2007 all employers must provide Manual Handling training for all of their employees
Module 1: Introduction and legislation.
Module 2: Statistics, incidence of back injury, and high risk activities.
Module 3: Musclo-Skeletal System & Mechanism of injury.
Module 4: Flexibility
Module 5: Methods of prevention of back injury, risk assessment, housekeeping, P.P.E, Ergonomics, minimal handling policies etc.
Module 6: DVD presentation, "Safe manual handling, the new approach".
Module 7: 11 principles of safe manual handling.
Module 8: One person lift-various objects.
Module 9: Two or more person lifts-various objects.
Module 10: Open forum, questionnaire/trainee assessment. Summary and close.

Max candidates 12 per course
3.5 hours
The instructor will be a fully qualified, experienced, Manual Handling Instructor.
Upon course completion the employer will be issued with a certificate from Safety-Tec confirming that the employees who attended the training course are now proficient in the safe manual handling of loads in the workplace.
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